Villasimius extends from the mountainous chain of "SETTE FRATELLI" (to northwestern) to the coasts of Head Carbonara promontory (to southeast). Porto Giunco beach and the pond of Notteri Her mountains extending from the western side of the territory; Very important for the area is the Minni Minni mountain with an high altitude around 700 metres. To the west side of Head Carbonara promontory you will find Campulongu beach and the tourist port, while in the oriental slope are located the Notteri pond, Simius and Porto Giunco beaches. To Villasimius belong also two islands : "Cavoli" and Serpentara islands. Villasimius' town center is situated around 1,5 km from Simius beach. Climate Villasimius enjoys some typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. Villasimius enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. Summer extreme values can raise the temperature of 40°, while during the winter are attested to few degrees above zero. Because of the latitude and of the presence of the sea, it hardly ever snow. The promontory of Villasimius, Capo Carbonara, results to be the most barren peak in Italy with its yearly rainfall of 237,8 mm over the last three decades. For the steepest hills barriers that extend to west coast Villasimius is mostly exposed to the strong winds, above all of the mistral that succeeds sometimes to reach some gusts of 100 km /h.



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